Traditional Floors

When we found our new home we new that we would not bring the same style we had in our old home. This house has a more traditional feel and layout, including the red brick exterior.

Originally, we had decided to go with real hardwood smaller planks and a lighter oak color. We did our pros and cons to what this would entail.


  • Aesthetic: Hardwood floors screams traditional, so aesthetically it would look amazing.
  • Preplanned Design: I had already designed the kitchen to incorporate the light white oak floors.
  • Customizable: Staining the floors would give us the opportunity to choose a custom color to our liking.


  • Durability: Hardwood scratches very easily and with a dog and kids I’m not sure how long the wood would last before having to refinish it. Plus hardwood not being waterproof is always a risk.
  • Budget: The cost of the material and installation would have brought us at the max of our budget.
  • Aesthetics: At this moment I was reconsidering a less modern flooring and loved the look of a darker shade of wood color with larger planks.

In the end we did decide on Pergo Portfolio+WetProtect Rustic Amber Chestnut. It was a perfect shade of medium dark wood with enough rustic flair to make it seem like it belongs in the home. I also really love a wide plank so this flooring sealed the deal for us both. There weren’t enough images online of the color, but this image is pretty accurate on how it looks in person.

I’m so glad we went with laminate again and a darker color. The house is starting to transform.

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