Moving One Last Time

It has been 2 years already since we moved into our current house. In the last year, we have done so much upgrading throughout the house to fit our needs. This past year has also been a year of reflecting and reevaluating what is important to us as a family.

With many discussions on the pros and cons of us moving the pros outnumbered why we should move. There were many factors in play to make this decision with the biggest being our girls’ future. To be honest I feel and believe that it doesn’t matter how big or small a house is as long as we’re together.

Yes, I know we just finished doing major renovations and as much as I love this home, I know that we can transform any home no matter the size to fit our needs. We are conscious that we might have to downsize, but now we know exactly what we can live with or live without.

We haven’t settled 100% in a specific area, but we have ideas of locations that would fit our needs as a family. Our goal is to move closer to our family and into a family-friendly neighborhood with amenities. School is also very important, so stay tuned to see where we end up!

We are in a time crunch to get the house show-ready in the next month. I will be sharing some DIY updates to make the house as move-in ready for the next family as possible.

I’m excited about this next chapter and having another blank canvas to work on. Make sure to follow to receive updates on our projects.

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