A Guide to Choosing the Right Sink

We all can agree that one type of sink does not fit us all. When designing your dream kitchen a lot of factors come to play, one important one is what type of sink would work best in your kitchen.

Depending on your style and functionality preference there are different sinks to choose from. One thing to consider is the style and how the sink would be mounted when purchasing your sink.

Sink Styles and Mounting

Farmhouse Sink – also known as an apron sink. Very popular in a farmhouse design kitchen. The sink is a deep bowl with an exposed front, which would require a specific sink cabinet to install. This is great to wash big pots and bowls.

Drop-in Sinks – this is the most common sink installed. The design of a drop-in sink makes for an easy installation to fit into any precut counter. The edges of the sink sit on top of the countertop visible. The practicality of the sink to be able to hold its weight with just a few screws and making it easy to replace without any countertop issues; makes it popular in choice.

Undermount Sinks – this type of sink is installed under the countertop. The aesthetic of the sink differs from the “drop-in” with the fact that the edges are hidden under the countertop. This makes it a bit complicated to change, but easier to maintain clean.

These three most popular styles of sinks can come in variations of one bowl or double bowls. There is also the option of buying all-in-one with the bowl, faucet and strainers included. Also there are also some that bring working stations, which are more likely to be seen in restaurant kitchens

Which of the three styles is your favorite in your kitchen space?

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