Last Minute Easter Baskets

This year’s time was not of the essence. I ended up buying what would go in the girls’ Easter basket. It’s always hard to fill their baskets with things that are not candy. Especially, hard since my oldest just had a birthday, so getting things for her that she’ll use is hard. With that said I went more practical this year and they loved their gifts.

Here are the things I bought for them.

1. Rain boots

They both needed rain boots, so I thought this would make it a special gift for the both of them. I found these amazing boots at Amazon for a great price. They run half a size big. Adeline said she can’t wait for a rainy day to use them. I see many jumps in the puddle in the future.

2. Books books books!

Books are my favorite thing to gift. There are never enough books to add to your to-be-read pile. It doesn’t matter what we are celebrating if it involves a gift the girls will receive one from me.

Amelie is into Mickey and Minnie, so thought it was a perfect book for her. It’s not her first Easter, but the book is super cute. When I was browsing books for Adeline I came across Michelle Obama’s book adapted for young readers. I read the adult version of her book and loved it. She is a remodel and her story growing up is so relatable. I can’t wait to read this together with her.

3. Umbrellas

These umbrellas I found at a great deal in Amazon. They are a perfect size and come in a pack in their favorite color was perfect.

4. Toys and Accessories

To be honest I was stuck on what else to add to their Easter gift. I figured I can give them something we could do together today and hair clips because in this house they always go missing. I did get Amelie a toy, that would prevent her from wanting big sister’s Nintendo. These were all Target finds and price friendly.

Everything is currently on sale, so if you like to stock up on holiday gifting, go ahead and shop at discounted prices. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter with their families.

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