How to Declutter Your Closet

Spring is around the corner, which means it is time for some spring cleaning. I will share with you the many tricks and tips I do, not just for the spring but throughout the year.

These will be a series of tips I will post every Tuesday. I decided to start with what I love to do first when it comes to decluttering. The first thing I tackle is clothes, which in my case consists of every member of the house.

1. Make a schedule. Mine is every 3-4 months especially since I have children.

To make decluttering clothes easy on me especially with my ever-growing girls is setting a quarterly schedule to go through their clothes. This decreases the number of clothes I have to go through. It also helps with keeping track of what is needed than just buying clothes just because.

My own schedule runs every six months. This is obtainable for me to keep a more minimal lifestyle when it comes to clothes.

2. Make three separate piles when sorting through your clothes.

Separating your clothes makes it easy to figure out what to keep, donate and toss.

3. The keep pile.

This pile is consists of seasonal clothes that get put away when a season ends. All the clothes in this pile are in good condition, which also includes shoes. Certain items can be worn throughout the year that I keep in my closet for example a cardigan, tanks, etc.

Even for kids, there are certain things that can be stored for the following year. I’ve usually do this with their big winter coats.

4. The donate pile.

This pile consists of clothes that are in good condition, but unfortunately, no longer fit. It also includes those items you thought would be in style forever or you have personally outgrown from that type of attire. (bye-bye 5-inch heels, hello mom life!) If I went a whole year without wearing that item it gets thrown in this pile.

If you have kids clothes that are in good condition, but no longer fit or will fit next year also goes here. Check your local shelters or drop boxes where you can drop these items off.

5. The toss pile.

This pile has all the clothes that have stains or holes. My thought process is if I wouldn’t wear it because of the condition it is I won’t donate it. Also thrown in this pile are those socks that are missing a pair, if wearing mixed match socks is your thing go for it. Undergarments also come to an expiration date and need to be tossed out.

If you follow these steps on a regular schedule keeping your closet and drawers clutter-free will be easy and manageable.

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