Book Review: In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

The holidays are long gone, but who doesn’t like to be in the holiday spirit all year long. “In a Holidaze” by Christina Lauren captures all the holiday feels with each page. I am usually not into romantic comedy genres when it comes to books, but this book kept me cheering for the main character. “In a Holidaze” is a book that you would find made into a Hallmark Christmas movie.

In the story, we meet Maelyn, who is the main character. Maelyn’s family and long-time family friends meet each year at a cabin and spend a week together during the holidays. We get a brief introduction of each of the characters, but the main focus stays on Maelyn. Maelyn makes a wish, and she gets stuck in this loop in reliving her time at the cabin. We also meet Adam, Maelyn’s love interest, who is also staying in the cabin. Throughout the story, it is evident that they belong together, and we navigate the blossoming of their love for one another.

What drew me to this story is how relatable Maelyn is, in the sense of the challenges she is going through in her life. Christina Lauren did a fantastic job, not making the storyline solely about a woman whose only story is to fall in love and get her dream guy. Throughout the novel, we get to see the internal struggle that Maelyn has as a person trying to figure life out. Not being satisfied with her current job, living back home with her parents, and just the reality of not finding your voice as a woman.

If you’re into romantic comedies and enjoy the development of a character in finding their true self, this is the book for you. I highly recommend “In a Holidaze” even if we are not in the holiday season.

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