Kitchen Renovation

Our kitchen is currently 80% finished, but I do want to take a moment to show the progress and transformation of it so far.
We started renovations back at the end of January, and unfortunately, we are still waiting for cabinet frames on backorder.

Here is the before picture of our kitchen.

When we first saw the house, I loved the openness to look into the family room and had the sunroom for an additional dining area. Having an extra space for a dining area was a must-have on my list. My thought was always to have an office and have a place that the girls could use as a designated work area for homework and crafts.

There were many options on how I could work with the kitchen design to make it my own. We decided on the budget-friendly opportunity to keep the water pipes and gas lines and work with the current design. What changed in the design was the island’s shape and where we would place the oven and microwave.

We spent about three months designing the kitchen and configuring what worked for our family. We started looking at home improvement stores, but the cabinets’ pricing was at our max budget point, and we were only looking at the basic options. If we wanted to tackle both the floors throughout the house and the kitchen, that would not work. Not only was the pricing not going to work, but the look and style of the door fronts were going to work.

Gutted kitchen

Initially, we had looked at the white shaker cabinets that are very popular and pretty, but it was not the look I was looking for. As I looked at different designs, I fell in love with the black kitchen cabinets, especially with how much natural light we get with all our windows. I loved the farmhouse looked, but I envisioned a mix of more modern drawer base cabinets with an open shelf concept instead of the upper cabinets on the kitchen’s cooktop section.

The only place that saw the cabinet door fronts that I liked was IKEA, with the Kungsbacka collection, a matted frameless slab black front. Best of all, the cabinets’ materials are eco-friendly, which was a big plus. We knew that a two-toned kitchen would balance out the black cabinets, so we mixed the black with a darker wood tone. The base drawer cabinets we choose from IKEA were the GRIMSLöV collection. Everything tied in beautifully with the quartz countertop we decided on.

This is the current state of our kitchen. Will post more updates with all material and where we purchased from in the next few weeks.

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