Foyer Floor Installation

Floors, in my opinion, sets the mood for your home. Choosing the correct color and combination of different floors is essential to make it unison.

We originally had these orange laminate floors with hardwood floors in the foyer. I loathed these floors so much. I felt like all the furniture and rugs clashed against the orangey floors.

When we first started discussing redoing our floors, we thought of installing one flooring throughout the main level, foyer, and powder room. Then I resorted to Pinterest, my best friend, to find inspiration. I came across different variations of foyers and hardwood/laminate floors.

Here are some of my favorite flooring combos.

My first choice in the foyer was white-washed herringbone brick floors. The brick floors are gorgeous, but because of my two girls, we decided against them because of safety concerns. My second choice was the black herringbone tile. We ended up installing these matted black limestone tiles ;they’re so beautiful!

The overall installation of the herringbone took about four days. The work was very tedious, making sure the angles were cut correctly. It was three days to install and let it dry to put the grout the following day.

Because of the size of the tiles, we didn’t buy accordingly since we didn’t take into consideration the unique cuts that were needed, especially in the edges. This added a day since we are an hour away from the closes Floor and Decor.

I will list the house’s different rooms with materials and decor we used. I will also list the overall budget for each project we have done. This is coming soon.

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