Front Load Washer Tips

Now how often do we give some TLC to our washer? It is one of those things that, if left undone, especially a front load washer, can become an issue.

Who has left wet clothes in the washer for way too long? I have way too many times. I promise to do better. Over time of doing this with a front-load can start to get stinky.

When the washer is wet, that water just sits there; it has nowhere to go. Have you opened those rubber inserts and were surprised to find a damp sock or residue? If the washer is left unchecked after every laundry day or was, it will just build up. The dampness will eventually leave you with a moldy smell. I’ve learned this the hard way.

Thank goodness for my mom who always has the best cleaning tips. She’s been professionally cleaning for as long as I can remember. For any cleaning hacks she’s my person.

Now I get to pass those tips along with you.

  1. After every wash, check the rubber inserts for any missing clothing item or residue. Clean this out immediately. If your house is like mine with the majority of us with long hair and a dog, it can get pretty dirty.
  2. Use Affresh or whatever is recommended to clean your washer. I have a Maytag, and Afresh is what is preferred for a monthly refresh wash.
  3. If you’re a pet owner and wash their beds, blankets, towels, or clothes. Do a refresh wash on your washer. Let’s face it, as much as we love our fur babies, they can get pretty smelly. Also, the amount of hair left on their things can clog up the washer when it drains the excess water. Cleaning it out and refreshing it after you wash their load well maintain any unwanted smell to linger unto your loads.
  4. When you’re done doing laundry leave the door open for it to air dry. Leaving the door open and letting it air dry helps the washer not dry in a moist environment. This is where mold and mildew can build up leaving your washer with an unpleasant smell.

I have a love and hate relationship with the front load washer. Aesthetically, it looks fantastic in a laundry room. It fits the overall style I love for a laundry room. The downside is the maintenance that comes along with it. Making sure that you’re regularly cleaning it, so it doesn’t start to smell.

Are you more of a top or front load person?

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