Purple Girl Bedroom | Adeline’s Bedroom Renovation

With all the renovations going on, Adeline has requested to switch rooms. She wants to move into the guest room. She had requested this room when we first bought the house, but at that time, we didn’t have the time to prep it quick enough. There’s this hand-painted mural that requires some time to smooth the wall for planks or wallpaper.

The current bedroom.

We have installed a last-minute light fixture. We had company staying and had to buy one. It is one of the rooms that rarely gets used, so it hasn’t been a priority. All I have managed to do in the guest room is buy the bed and place a rug.

The room when we purchased the house.

I asked what colors she had in mind. I asked a soon to be eight years old this question. (facepalm moment). She requested a NEON PINK paint for the walls. I just smiled and nodded my head in approval. I figured I could take on the challenge.

She later came back and said purple. I don’t know what made her change her mind, but I quickly jumped at the opportunity to be 100% invested in the choice. I can only assume she realized she already had a pink room. Her previous room was pink too, so change is good. Purple is not a color of choice, but I believe that it can look beautiful if put together correctly.

So I did what any mom like myself does. I did a deep dive in Pinterest, looking for inspiration. I’m still unsure if I’m leaning towards darker purple hues on the wall or the lighter side. I tried asking my child, but she said, “you decide.” My customer is giving me full control of the project.

Here I am trying to figure the room’s style and, of course, scrolling through Pinterest to find inspiration for girl rooms with purple painted walls. There are not many purple rooms out there for little girls on Pinterest.

Here is what I put together for Adeline’s room.

How beautiful is the vintage rug and floral fabric for curtains? I originally had purchased shiplap for her current room, but now I’m considering installing them vertically. This combo gives me French vintage vibes. The mixture of the different patterns works beautifully in my eyes.

Keep posted for updates on the transformation of Adeline’s room. I’m so excited to see this all put together..

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