Warrenton Home

Join me in our journey of our transformation of our home. We purchased our house back two years ago. Like everything else, we have a strong belief in fate. If things are meant to be will be, that’s what we live by.

Warrenton Home

We started our house hunting around February of 2018. We had a fantastic realtor who worked with us the first time and decided it had to be her to help us find our single-family home. She brought on board her mentee at that time, who was the one driving us around looking for houses. Our poor realtor went everywhere with us to different counties since we couldn’t decide what made sense for us financially and geographically.

We did love where we lived, and ideally, we would have loved to stay in that city. Realistically the homes we loved in that area were far above our budget; welcome to Northern Virginia. If you are familiar with this area, you know how crazy the market is. Selling the house was not an issue; we received offers 24 hours from the time it went on the market.

Our last day in our Centreville home.

We had put an offer on a home that we were “settling on.” That offer fell through during the negotiation period. At the beginning of all this process, we had two houses that we had our eye on, and by the time we started looking at places, they were off the market. To our surprise, when our offer fell through, one house we had our eyes on came back on the market. The house was on the market with a “2-day KO contingency.” Basically, the person who had initially been put an offer had two days to make the offer go through, and if it didn’t, they would take new offers.

At that instance, I called our realtor, and she contacted the seller. She told me to write a letter and attach a picture to it of your family. I put the letter together and submitted it with our family picture. We waited 48 hours until the seller came back and said that the owners would like to proceed with our offer. Again what is meant to be will be, right. The stars aligned for us to purchase our dream home.
To be honest, Warrenton had never been on my radar of places to live. Once we started coming to view houses and spent time in Old Town Warrenton, I fell in loved with the quaint town. It seemed like the perfect place to raise the girls, and we were only an hour away from our family.

First day in our Warrenton home.

Once we were settled in, we had projects and renovations we had discussed we would eventually like to do. Then COVID happened, and here we are in the middle of renovations. Follow us to see how renovating during a pandemic has been.

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