Llama One Party!

Little Miss Amelie turned the big ONE back in November. Planning always makes me a little anxious because I am a Type A personality and I am always afraid I will forget something. Needless to say, the birthday party was a total success.

Let’s talk about the food. For awhile now, I had been wanting to through a Sunday Brunch theme event. What better event than Amelie’s first birthday. Shout out to my mom who catered the birthday and my in-law who baked the beautiful cake.

Here is the menu my mom and I came up with:

  • Waffle bar (Bought a Dash mini waffle maker at Target)
  • Pork Chilaquiles
  • Chicken fajitas
  • Mexican rice
  • Salvadoran refried beans
  • Salvadoran sour cream
  • Mimosa station
  • Hot chocolate/coffee station

All the pastries and donuts on the cake table came from Walmart. I wish I had taken pictures of the cutest mini pumpkin pies. It was the first time buying from Walmart’s bakery and I highly recommend it, you cannot beat their price either.

The birthday was planned according to her schedule, so she could be in the best mood possible during the festivities. My rule is always to schedule their birthdays around their nap schedule. For the first three years, I schedule the birthdays for 2-3 hours. Keeping it short and sweet makes everyone happy with keeping the tantrums to a minimum. (I just cross my fingers that my girls are not having an off day that day.)

Keeping the guest and children entertain is always a struggle, especially when they are all from different age groups. My father-in-law and sister-in-law hired a clown. She was amazing in keeping everyone entertained. I loved that not only did she catered to have the children play games and win prizes, but she had the parents participate in the shenanigans. Her package also included two characters of your choosing to come out and take pictures with the kids.

A lot of the decoration and details came from Amazon and Etsy. They are always my go to for events. We did however come across a local vendor who specializes in making personalized shirts. The shirts came out beautiful, we even wore them on our way to El Salvador.

Here are the places with the links of where I purchased the majority of things:

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