Rainbow Baby

One year has passed since Amelie arrived to this world. It has been a wonderful year nonetheless, but it was a bumpy road to get little Amelie here. I am what you call a high risk pregnancy momma. As difficult as conceiving and pregnancy was I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

When we decided that we were going to try again, Adeline was nearing age four. My OB and I discussed any difficulties I would have since with Adeline’s pregnancy I developed preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. She said the likelihood of developing the same issues would be much less this time around. Well to my surprise I was not so lucky. Not only did I develop preeclampsia, but had placenta previa and round ligament pains the whole pregnancy. Not to mention the never ending nausea. (Thank you doc for the meds!)

Prior to becoming pregnant with Amelie, we had a difficult time conceiving. We went through two miscarriages in 2017, which really took a toll on my mental health. I was convinced that I was only meant to be a mommy to one and that I would be ok with that. I told myself I wouldn’t be selfish I already had what many dreamt and wished for.

My last miscarriage was the most devastating, since I was 11 weeks along and the baby had stopped developing around 8-9 weeks. I was borderline from having a D&C procedure if my body didn’t do what it needed to do naturally. Let’s just say it was the most painful and most emotionally draining experience I have ever gone through. Til this day it is still difficult for me to process the whole experience. To all the mommas who have gone through this many times I see you and you’re not alone in your pain.

Forward to March 2018, we became pregnant yet again, but this time we tried to not keep our hopes up. (I’ll post in another post about the dads who suffer right along us mommas.) We had a Mexico vacation planned which we had to rethink and decided to gift Adeline a trip to Disney instead. Zika virus was in the rise still in the southern countries. Like I said before the pregnancy was not the kindest to me, but I received the biggest most beautiful gift I could ever ask for.

Amelie Louella came into this world one month early due to complications to my health. She was as healthy and as perfect as I could have ever imagine. Since that day life in our household has been a lot brighter, joyful and chaotic, and I am loving every minute of it.

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